16" Rocker Panel Kit


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16" Rocker Panel Kit

Show your love for the outdoors on your truck or SUV with the 16" Rocker Panel Kit with Realtree® Camo. This easy-to-use kit is designed to fit under the moulding or over the moulding on the door from bumper to bumper on most full-size and compact trucks and SUVs. Kit includes (2) 16" x 14 Ft sheets. Matte finish.

  • Adhesive vinyl graphic
  • Air Release technology for easy, bubble-free installation
  • Designed to fit most full-size and compact trucks and SUVs
  • Manufacturer's 3 year warranty

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  • Mild Soap & Water Mixture or Alcohol - to clean the surface.
  • Lint Free Paper Towel or Cloth – to dry the surface.
  • Low-Tack Masking Tape – to tack in place or create a hinge.
  • Squeegee or Credit Card – for applying vinyl
  • Air Release Tool – to remove any trapped air bubbles that may form.
  • Hobby Knife (OFLA or XACTO knife) – for trimming away excess vinyl.
  • Heat Gun – for heating vinyl on complicated installations.


  • The first step in any successful application is cleaning your camo project before Installation.
  • For a vehicle wrap, the day before application, the vehicle should be taken to a car wash that uses brushes. Manual cleaning is not recommended.
  • After the vehicle is washed, thoroughly inspect the surface and edges for any remaining wax, polish, grease or grime.
  • Any such substance must be removed using industrial cleaners or silicone detergents (Isopropyl Alcohol will not do the trick). Using two cloths (one dry, one with Solvent) one in each hand, wipe the solvent on with the wet towel and then off with the dry one. This is to keep the solvent from drying onto the surface. CAUTION: Before Using any Solvent on a vehicle, be sure to test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the solvent won’t damage the vehicle’s paint.
  • A final cleaning should be done with Isopropyl Alcohol to clean away any impurities that could hinder the adhesive using the same two hand, two cloth method as mentioned above.
  • The next step is to remove any parts that may hamper the application such as Trims & Logos. Check and clean the covered surfaces as described above.
  • It is very important to allow the vehicle to dry completely. It can take up to 24 hours for a vehicle to dry fully, when in humid or cold conditions, which may mean allowing the vehicle to dry indoors overnight before applying.


Whenever possible, try to apply graphics indoors in a controlled environment, such as a covered car bay or garage. Doing so will not only help you control the temperature (ideally between 70°F and 80°F), but also reduce the amount of wind, dust and other contaminates that may hinder the install process. Make sure your bay or garage is as clean as possible from dust or debris that may happen to circulate during your install (mop floor and dust with a damp cloth) before bringing in the surface for the vinyl application.

If you must do your install outside, grab a friend and choose a non-windy day that is between 60°F and 90°F, with a surface temperature over 45°F (use water to cool surface) to insure the adhesive bond forms correctly.


  1. To apply the Accent Graphics to the Vehicle, peel back the adhesive liner several inches and align the Accent piece and tack in place using light finger pressure. If alignment is off, remove and reposition before squeegeeing.
  2. You may “Peel-N-Stick” the Accent Graphics if you feel comfortable in doing so, by simply peeling the entire backing off and sticking the Accent Strip piece down and start squeegeeing. This technique is not recommended for everyone.
  3. Once tacked in place and the alignment is good, and then firmly squeegee the Accent Graphics to the Vehicle working out any excess air or bubbles. If a bubble appears, simply use an air release tool to poke and release the trapped air. Make sure to come back and squeegee the poked hole with light to moderate pressure and heat if necessary.
  4. Make sure to overlap the pieces at least ½” to allow for shrinking at the seam area.
  5. You may apply some heat to lightly stretch the Accent Graphics around curves, bends or raised areas. When applying heat make sure not to over stretch the Accent Graphics as it will fade, crack, or wrinkle.
  6. Trim each piece flush to the edges of the panel, or wrap around body edges and all other leading edges.
  7. When application is complete, re-heat and re-squeegee all of the applied surfaces with firm pressure. Pay particular attention to the edges and seams. This will ensure the Accent Graphics is bonded to the Vehicle itself.


Use soap and water to clean graphics. Do Not use a pressure washer on graphics as this can cause them to rip and peel away. Do Not use petroleum based cleaners or spill gas on graphics as this can cause them to fade or change color completely. Do Not wax the graphics; it will only cause damage to them.


In order to remove the Camo Accent Kit you may have to Heat the Camouflage with a Heat Gun or Hair Dryer for several seconds to loosen the adhesive bond. Continue to heat as you peel the material from the surface on a 120 Degree Downward Angle. Any residue that may be left behind can be removed with a Citrus Based remover or Alcohol.

Sizing Chart

Includes (2) 16" x 14 Ft sheets


Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

Great product
i've had mine on my truck since 2012. it's just starting to fade a little and peel. so i'm going to replace it . good product.
Review by deer chaser / (Posted on 8/2/2015)
great product
Awesome easy to instal dudnt come off when it got wet or muddy u hope it holds up to clay and salt
Review by tia / (Posted on 7/19/2015)
good product for the money
put this on y 09 f250 super duty went on fairly easy looks really good. no problems with it sticking, very happy with it.
Review by chris / (Posted on 6/20/2015)
they sucked
Did not meet my expectations. I had them installed by a body shop after s complete paint job and they began peeling off with in an hour. I would like my money back
Review by Charles / (Posted on 5/12/2015)
good product
this is a very strong well built product. However I have had a couple adhere problems. I had a professional apply the product and they were very impressed. We prepped the area very well taking very good care to even using latex gloves. On some of the corners and edges after several days it is lifting lucky so far most is not seen. other than that all good.
Review by azjr / (Posted on 5/5/2015)